VALORANT to debut Deathmatch mode on August 5



3 August 2020


VALORANT fans are getting what they’ve wanted in order to warm up.

Riot Games will finally be releasing a free-for-all deathmatch mode on Aug. 5 in the form of a beta alongside act two. This game mode can be used by players to warm up before hitting ranked. The mode will feature players with infinite credits to spend on weapons. Also, there will be no bomb plants or agent abilities in deathmatch.

The objective of the mode is to be the first to 30 kills or be the kill leader by the end of the six-minute match timer. The mode has a three second respawn timer and upon respawning a player will be invulnerable for eight seconds or until firing their weapon. Players can leave at any time in a game, but will not gain any XP that’s usually awarded at the end of VALORANT matches.

VALORANT FFA game mode
Screengrab via Riot Games.

VALORANT has lacked a warm up game mode since it’s inception, something that other popular FPS CS:GO does well with it’s public server availability for warm up maps.

The new free-for-all mode will be launched in the beta window and if all goes according to plan, the game mode will eventually join the live servers.

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