3 Tips to Counter The Operator in Valorant



13 August 2020


Looking to climb the Valorant ladder but that one weapon has been constantly giving you a headache? Of course, we’re talking about the Operator, Valorant’s deadliest and most expensive weapon. While some claim it is overpowered and some don’t think so, it is important to learn how to play against it. Even though there are tons of guides on how to use the Operator, a lot of players complain about not being able to find guides about how to counter the Operator

Is Operator OP?

What makes the Operator one of the most powerful weapons in the game is its damage per bullet. It works on a one-shot, one kill principle. It doesn’t even matter if the bullet goes through a wall, a shot in the head will take him down. The same goes for direct body shots and that’s what differs Operator from other rifles in the game. 

The Operator is also known to be the most expensive weapon in Valorant. Buying an Operator will cost you 4,500 credits. For this reason, when players decide to make this investment, they try to stay alive and carry it to as many rounds as possible.

The best way to tell if something in the game is overpowered is listening to community feedback. And in this case, the community has divided opinions. 

A lot of players are complaining about it, pro players have been overusing it in recent tournaments, but Riot sees no problem there. Their main character designer Ryan “Morello” Scott, said this is not a balance problem, but a player problem. He explained the weapon is intentionally designed this way and there are no Operator nerfs planned for the near future. 

How To Counter The Operator

One of the biggest issues with the Operator is that a lot of teams don’t know how to deal with it, while some deal with it really well, making a huge skills gap between the two. Here are three tips on how to counter the Operator and not get killed.

1. Mess with their sight with smoke or flashes

Since one of the Operator’s main strengths is its range, and the best way to deal with that kind of weapon is with a smokescreen. When the players using Operator place themselves in strategic locations such as B-Long on Bind or A-Main on Split and you smoke them out they will have three options:

  • waiting it out
  • relocating
  • pushing through the smoke.

If you don’t have smoke, you can always ask your allies to do so. 

When you want the enemy with the operator to relocate, another thing you can do is flash them. Since they have bad precision with no scope, this will cause them to lose focus, at least for a brief moment. 

The key thing you have to pay attention to when flashing or smoking is that the operator doesn’t predict the direction you’re coming from. Periodically rotate your angles and timings so the enemies can’t anticipate your moves.

2. Surprise the enemy

The biggest mistake your team can make playing against the Operator is peeking. The peeker is hardly going to get a shot against the one holding the angle with an Operator.   

If you’re going to be peeking, you should do it in double swinging and without lining up. When you and your teammates line up that is like putting your self on a direct path to getting killed. What you can do is peek off unexpected angles as you can always expect the enemy to hold entry positions. 

If you’re wondering if some agents are better with Operator than others, Omen is the most suitable pick. His teleport, Shrouded Step is ideal for getting into unexpected locations and surprising the enemy. Additionally, his Paranoia is great for off-corner peeking, and his shadow orbs can be used for interfering with the opponent’s vision.

3. Make them play retake

Operators are often used in defense, especially for preventing pushes. They have one weak spot, though. They are bad for retakes because they lack the ability to move ahead and clear more than one spot at once. For this reason, in situations like these pro players tend to exchange their Op for a Vandal or a Phantom.

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