Riot teases new VALORANT agent



28 July 2020


Riot’s set to spice things up with their new agent. Image via Riot Games.

After accidentally leaking images of a new agent yesterday on the VALORANT official website, Riot seems to be kicking things into gear. Today the company released four new teaser images alongside the words, “Wer ist sie?”

These leaks come close to confirming Killjoy as the next agent to join the diverse roster. “Wer ist sie?” means “who is she?” in German. This means the next agent will be a female German turret user.

Each of the four images released mirror the leaked abilities. The first picture shows the icon for her Nanoswarm Grenade ability. The second is a look at her deployable turret, while the third is another one of her gadgets, the Alarmbot.

The Alarmbot draws comparisons to Raze’s Boombot. The Boombot will travel in a straight line, being redirected by walls, where the Alarmbot will stay stationary in a certain area until it detects an enemy. The alarmbot can also be sent back to Killjoy’s inventory.

The fourth and final image in the teaser is Killjoy’s gloves. Killjoy hasn’t been confirmed by Riot yet, but you can spot Easter eggs around the map Split. Valoran’t second act is set to release on August 4, which is likely be the earliest the VALORANT agent would release.

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