Riot Games to fix ranked bug in Valorant



21 July 2020


No, you shouldn’t be demoting after one ranked game in Valorant. Even if you went 0-20, that’s not how the ranked system in the popular shooter should be working.

Riot Games announced today that they’re working on a fix to a bug which has been demoting players too fast. Riot also announced that the demotions were mainly affected the display rank only, not an actual player’s elo. Once the bug fix goes out to players, one win should put a player back at their intended rank.

This fix comes after a string of issues from the community were voiced on various platforms. Ninja, in a tweet sent out today, exposed issues with Valorant’s ranked tiers. He voiced concern over being demoted from diamond two to diamond one after losing one game to a team of much higher ranked players. On top of that, the game went to overtime. Others have also responded in a similar way.

Ninja and others ranks haven’t been affected thankfully, just visually their rank has changed, not in the Valorant elo system itself.

On the inverse of things, multiple users had said that it had become too difficult to rank up. Riot stated that the best way to rank up was through individual performances and a wide winning margin. Even with players meeting that general criteria, ranking up was still extremely difficult.

One reason to explain Riot’s difficulty with ranked tuning could be that one of Valorant’s developers who worked on the ranked system left the company.

It’s currently unknown when the update will go live in certain regions. An update has been pushed to North America as of earlier today.

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