How to Play Killjoy Like a Pro: Valorant Agent Guide



6 August 2020


The long-awaited, 12th agent to join the Valorant character list is finally here. After all the leaks and teases, we now have a proper insight into how the German genius and his abilities work. A number of players were skeptical about some of her abilities and believed she might be overpowered. Now that she is live and has already played a couple of games, let’s talk about how to play Killjoy and her strengths and weaknesses

Killjoy’s Abilities and How to Use Them

This genius agent’s use of technology and inventions is perfect for a safe battleground. She holds a powerful stack of eavesdropping robots and explosive devices. Focused on defense, she easily secures the site an outsmarts her enemies.

Her playstyle can be described as a combination of Cypher and Raze. Basically, she is a spy that can also get kills with her explosive usage. 

Killjoy’s four main abilities are Alarmbot, Turret, Nanoswarm and Lockdown.

Q – Alarmbot

Source: Riot Games

With Alarmbot, Killjoy deploys an invisible bot that chases the enemy down. After the enemy gets within its range, it gets activated and explodes. 

When the bot is detonated, you’ll get a notification on the map. 

The ability itself doesn’t deal damage, it barely pokes the opponent. But after it applies its vulnerability debuff, the next few seconds allow you do deal double damage. 

If the opponent gets close to Alarmbot, he can discover and deactivate it before anything happens. 

A good thing about Alarmbot is no matter where on the map you are at the moment, you can recall and replace it.

Play Killjoy better:

  • Alarmbot can be placed in shallow corners and used for rushes and flanks
  • Use Alarmbot under the bomb after planting it, and then do a jiggle peek

E- Turret

Source: Riot Games

The Turret is Killjoy’s most discussed ability. It comes in the form of a small robot that can be left anywhere. The robot can scan a 180-degree area and shoot any player found in that range. 

It has 125 HP and shoots with a 0.75 delay. Shooting in three rounds of bursts, it deals damage depending on how close the enemy is:

  • Up to 20 meters →  8 damage/bullet
  • 20 – 35 meters →  6 damage/bullet
  • More than 35 meters → 4 damage per bullet

These amounts of damage are not enough to destroy the opponent, but make a great tool for holding the site and defensive lockdowns. 

Just like Alarmbot, the Turret can also be recalled from any location on the map. However, it comes with a 20-second cooldown, and if it’s destroyed it can be placed within 45 seconds. 

Play Killjoy better:

  • Combine Turret and Alarmbot for holding the area. 
  • Play together with a Cypher, and combine his traps and Killjoy’s Turrets.
  • Combine Killjoy’s Turret and Sage’s Icewall for holding the B site in Split

C – Nanoswarm

Source: Riot Games

An invisible grenade that can be detonated from afar. When Killjoy throws the Nanoswarm grenade, the explosion will cause a lockdown and inflict high amounts of damage to an area over five-second time. If the enemies don’t escape the explosion’s radius on time, they will get killed.

Just like Alarmbot, when an opponent gets close enough, it can be discovered and deactivated. If that happens, it disappears without any notification, unlike with other abilities. Additionally, there is no option to recall it so make sure to think well before placing Nanoswarm. 

Play Killjoy better:

  • Combine Nanoswarm and Sage’s slow orb
  • Use Nanoswarm on parts of the map that are common spots for the opponent’s attempted rushes

Lockdown  (X)

Source: Riot Games

The name of Killjoy’s ultimate ability is self-explanatory. The Lockdown is a device that traps the players inside its radius for eight seconds. All of those who stay inside the wave will get disarmed, cannot move or do anything else.

While the device is active, Killjoy’s allies have the opportunity to chase down the enemies who positioned themselves badly. 

Lockdown’s biggest flaw is its detonation time since it gives the players 13 seconds time to escape. But the upside to that is even if everyone escapes, it will still clear the area, giving your team time to plant a bomb. 

Also, just like all other Killjoy’s abilities, Lockdown can also get destroyed. 

Playing Killjoy: Pros and Cons

Defensive playBad entry abilities
Information gathering abilitiesDestroyable gadgets
Flank preventionWeak crowd control
After plantingNo smoke 
Influence across the mapAbilities require a previous set up

Naturally, as a Sentinel, Killjoy is specialized in defense, locking areas down and watching flanks. When you play Killjoy, she is present across the map, just like Cypher, but with more damage potential. For instance, she can leave the turret in one part of the map, leave the traps somewhere else, and observe another area on her own. 

When it comes to offense, her Turret can be used against enemy rotators and potential traps.

Even though she has damage abilities in her kit, she lacks tools for vision control such as smoke. Other than that, her abilities for entering an area aren’t as good as Cypher’s cage or Sage’s wall. 

Finally, her abilities are going to be hard to use in unexpected fights since they all need to be set up first. 

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