How To Counter Killjoy: Best Agents and Strategies



14 August 2020


Not sure how to play against Valorant’s newest agent? Her unique ability kit made a lot of players complain and she even got banned from Valorant tournaments. Riot claims she is not ready for them, but many believe it’s because they are well aware she is overpowered. Until she gets her first nerfs, players are trying to find ways to counter her and stop her from terrorizing their agents. Here’s a guide on how to counter Killjoy with carefully picking agents and tactics.  

Use The Right Agent

The first thing you should pay attention to when playing against Killjoy is having the right agents in your team. Several agents can effectively counter her Nanoswarm, Turret and Alarmbot: Jett, Cypher, Sova, Raze and Omen.

1. Jett

Image via Riot Games

One of the most obvious weaknesses Killjoy has is that two of her abilities, Alarmbot and Turret both largely depend on vision and have a specific range. 

What Jett can do is easily escape her turret range with Tailwind and Updraft. The most important thing about dealing with Killjoy’s turret is learning about her gadgets’ ranges and use your abilities to deal damage from afar. 

2. Cypher

When it comes to defense, Killjoy and Cypher have some common traits. If she wants to protect a site effectively, she has to have good map knowledge. And even though she is good at it, the game’s main spy is better. His Neural Theft and Spycam can be used to reveal the location of any enemy, including Killjoy. Logically, if you know where Killjoy is, you can assume where her gadgets are placed. 

This enables the team to avoid her turrets, by strategically planning pushes without stumbling upon her devices across the map. 

3. Sova

Image via Riot Games

This archery expert’s abilities to reveal the opponent’s location can be used to counter Killjoy. In detail, by using his Recon Bolt, he is able to track down Killjoy’s turrets and help his team prevent Killjoy and her team from possible defenses. 

He can also use his Shock Bolts to disable her gadgets or to rapidly drain her ult’s health bar. And finally, firing his long-range ultimate, Hunter’s Fury, he can destroy her defense. 

4. Raze

When Killjoy activates Lockdown, the players are left with a sufficient amount of time to escape before it’s deployed. During this period, she will probably have a gadget or a turret by her side, and the players will want to stay away. An agent like Raze can use her Showstopper and Paintshells from afar and stop her without approaching her turrets.  

5. Omen

Even though he wasn’t initially considered an especially good counter for Killjoy, a player has recently discovered a way to use his ultimate against hers. In a 1v2 situation, he had timed Omen’s ultimate to dodge Killjoy’s Lockdown. He used his teleport to get out of her ult’s radius and then canceled the ability to get back to his position. This enabled him to dodge Killjoy and buy time to kill the player trying to defuse the spike.   

Listen for Nanoswarm

Killjoy’s most discussed ability, Nanoswarm, is considered overpowered and impossible to avoid. Not only is it difficult to spot, but deals huge damage and can be activated at any moment no matter where Killjoy is. 

Nanoswarm has one flaw though, as it can be detected when you’re getting close to it. The egg-looking device has a distinct audio cue that gets louder as you approach it. This gives you the opportunity to spot it and take it down. For this reason, make sure to use headphones and listen to the game. 

Jiggle peek corners

Counter-strafing a corner is always a good strategy, and the same goes for playing against Killjoy. What most Killjoy players do is baiting players to shoot at their Turret left in the open, and then attack them in duo. This means you will only have a blink of an eye to decide who to shoot at. 

This situation can be avoided by out of cover jiggle peeking or shoulder peeking. The turret will not fire at you unless it sees your model’s center. Make sure you don’t peek too far and you can prevent both damage and Killjoy noticing you.

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