5 Best Valorant Agents to Play in Patch 1.04: Tier List



31 July 2020


Among eleven agents to choose from in Valorant, there are some that are currently simply stronger than others. Choosing the right agent will help you climbing ranked no matter if you’re playing solo or with a team. If you’re just starting out competitive or want to master a specific agent and/or a role, look no further. 

What Makes Every Valorant Agent Unique?

The agent choice in Valorant can be overwhelming, as each one of them has its own universal ability set. This set consists of 4 abilities each of which can be used to gain tactical advantage. 

  • At the beginning of each round, an agent receives a free signature ability, E, that often comes with a cooldown. 
  • Secondly, each agent has an ultimate, X ability that gets charged up by gaining skill points. You will earn your skill points by picking them up on the map, from getting kills and with every new round’s beginning.
  • C and Q are two purchasable, non-ultimate abilities. Each of these can be bought between rounds, by using in-game credits. 

Valorant Agents Recommendations: Tier List

Before we start, keep in mind that this tier list of best Valorant agents is based on multiple factors that include our playing experience, patch notes and community preferences. 

The current tier distribution looks like this:

S tier: Brimstone, Cypher, Sage

A tier: Breach, Omen, Raze, Sova, Viper and Phoenix

B tier: Reyna, Jett

Brimstone (S Tier)

Brimstone (S Tier)
Image via Riot Games

This strong commander’s ability set is what makes him equally good with both offensive and defensive duties. This agent is specialized in sudden airstrikes and smokescreens. With his signature ability, Sky smoke, he is able to place long-ranged smokes that efficiently block the enemy’s vision. 

Other than that, Brimstone can launch fire grenades with great damage, cause airstrikes and even rapid-fire stim beacons that not only damage the enemies but also buff his allies. 

He recently demonstrated his power in tournament play, where he self-carried a number of rounds, mostly thanks to his ultimate. Additionally, Brimstone is a great choice for beginner players since his ability kit is not only powerful but also quite simple to understand. 

Sage (S Tier)

Sage (S Tier)
Image via Riot Games

The key support in the game has recently experienced some nerfs, but still kept the title of an S tier Agent. Her healing abilities make her a unique defensive champion that can not only health herself, but her teammates as well. 

With several orbs placed on her belt, she can heal, slow the enemies down with wall barriers, and even resurrect her fallen allies. When Sage summons a wall, she can either stop the enemy from attacking or to give her teammate high ground attack location. 

Furthermore, her heal is what makes her much more sustainable than the other agents when the match is approaching to an end.

Cypher (S Tier)

Image via Riot Games

Want to play mind games with your opponents with a whole arsenal of devices? This spy is specialized in collecting information with his camera and wires and he always knows where the enemy is. His abilities help him find enemies as they get stuck in certain locations. 

No place on the map is safe with his tripwires and remote activation traps across the map. When he places his spycam on a location, he can observe the action from afar. Marking the enemy with a dart can expose their location to everyone. 

If you decide to play Cypher, you have to pay attention to the setup before the match starts, where you want to place your abilities, where they will place theirs, but also if you can trick them into feeling safe. 

Breach (A Tier)

Breach (A Tier)
Image via Riot Games

This initiator agent has mechanics designed for pushing the team. He can go across the map with abilities that break through walls and other surfaces. Moreover, he has the highest level of CC in the game. 

He can do everything from heavy damage bursts, blinding the enemies, to causing seismic disturbances that will knock up anyone in the area. 

His only weakness is the fact his flashes depend on the walls, and high-level players are able to anticipate and avoid them. 

Omen (A Tier)

Omen (A Tier)
Image via Riot Games

This man from the shadow is a great choice for making the enemy paranoid. You never know where to expect him on the map. His two teleport abilities are great for misleading opponents and attacking them from behind. He can also make them blind and strike from unexpected angles thanks to his projectile firing abilities. Omen wasn’t always as popular as it is now, but recent buffs have made him a strong pick in tournament play. 

The key to choosing the right one among Valorant agents is finding the right agent-ability combo that will work best to outplay the competition. Of course, things can change with patches and updates, but the agents’ basic features remain. However, Riot is full of surprises so make sure you stay up to date!

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