Rampart to be the newest character in Apex Legends



6 August 2020


Rampart will make an explosive entrance. Image via Shrugtal.

Apex Legends fans can look forward to a new character coming in the games next season, Rampart. The character is set to be released with season six.

Rampart’s release was teased throughout the game. With the official drop of the trailer, she’s been officially confirmed. Rumors of her abilities also look to be true and have made it into her kit.

“Rampant talks big and has the ballistics to back it up,” according to the Apex Legends season six page. Rampart can be seen in the beginning of the trailer wielding a large gun, which seems to be her ultimate ability.

Rampart’s abilities were leaked nearly a year ago by data miners, with some of the information changing over the year of development. For example, Rampart was originally supposed to be a male character. One of her abilities seems to be a barrier of sorts, stopping incoming bullets while letting her shoot through it. Her passive is also supposedly going to be a buff to light machine guns, seen by Bangalore and Lifeline both shooting light machine guns.

None of these abilities are yet officially confirmed by Apex Legends, but Rampart is already making her mark on the community. Rampart will officially drop, alongside season six, on August 18.

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