G2 Esports renews contracts of various rosters through 2022



13 July 2020


G2’s Rainbow Six roster hopes to re-cement their legacy as one of the greatest teams in Siege history. Image via Ubisoft Brazil.

You don’t mess with perfection, as G2 has renewed the contracts of their entire League of Legends roster, as well as two other rosters they field.. Today, the team announced that the entire roster will now be signed with G2 until 2022.

Along with the League roster, G2’s Rainbow Six and Rocket League rosters will be signed for another two years.

“We feel an incredible sense of pride each time partners, players, and fans decide to stick with us through the years,” G2 CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez said in a statement. “Renewing their agreements with us underlines how great of a relationship we have with them and it certainly gives us that same feeling of pride.”

G2’s League roster has taken over the LEC since the debut of the roster in 2019. They’ve won every LEC championship since, and even won MSI 2019. Reaching last year’s World Championship finals was a peak for the team. The roster is one of the strongest in their region and the world.

An equally strong team in G2’s Rocket League roster is coming off a sweep over NRG Esports for a championship win at the 2020 Rocket League Spring Finals. The team will next compete in August as they look forward to 2021.

G2’s Rainbow Six roster hasn’t had as many top-tier competitions to play through as other rosters listed here, but still has potential to win tournaments heading into the rest of 2020 and 2021. G2 famously had one of the greatest Rainbow Six rosters when the team won many international tournaments across 2018 and 2019.

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