TSM undecided on starting support for LCS Summer Playoffs



20 August 2020


TSM Biofrost
Biofrost could be getting another chance with TSM. Image via Riot Games.

TSM, after being on the receiving end of two different kinds of 3-0’s, announced that they’ve been splitting scrimmage time between Vincent “Biofrost” Wang and Erik “Treatz” Wessén. The organization will use the player that performs the best in scrims.

Treatz is set to start in the Academy semifinals versus Evil Geniuses Academy later today. Biofrost, who had been playing with TSM Academy, isn’t starting the series with the roster. Both players split time on both the main TSM roster and the Academy team.

Biofrost started the split with the main team, but following a string of mixed results the team substituted in Swedish rookie Treatz. Treatz debuted in week six and TSM had a change in fortune, only dropping two games on their way to finishing fourth in the LCS 2020 Summer Split.

Treatz, through his eight games, finished with higher statistics than Biofrost. Most notably, Treatz’ 79.5 kill participation percentage is much higher than Biofrost’s 65 percent.

The roster, with Treatz, was swept in the upper bracket by Golden Guardians with the TSM bottom lane having many mishaps. When in the lower bracket, the team next went up against eighth seed Dignitas and quickly dispatched of them. Although the series was a 3-0 scoreline, there’s still questions regarding not only the support role, but the bottom lane as a whole.

A decision will have to be made prior to Sunday, August 16. TSM will play against the loser of Team Liquid/Golden Guardians or Cloud9/FlyQuest, depending on seeding.

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