The Weekend Review: Week 3 LEC



28 June 2020


Welcome to The Weekend Review here at OkGamer. What The Weekend Review will be is three quick observations/thoughts over what happened in the past weekend of LCS/LEC games, as well as picking an MVP for the weekend.

Fnatic Might Actually be in Trouble

Struggling top-laner Bwipo needs to perform in order for Fnatic to thrive. Screengrab via LEC.

Fnatic are on an 0-4 skid over the past two weeks. Selfmade and Rekkles look like the only members that are able to keep the team afloat, with promising performances from both, even in losses. Bwipo, Nemesis, and Hylissang have all under-performed though. Hylissang and Bwipo have some of the worst stats in the entire league so far. Hylissang has shown an inability to play mage supports, as he hasn’t played a single one so far this split. Bwipo, to his credit, is able to survive through laning phase, coming out with gold leads in a few of his games. However in the mid-game, Bwipo has struggled immensely.

Then there’s Nemesis, who is consistently down in CS after 15 minutes and is having terrible performances over an array of picks. The extreme meta swing we’ve seen over these past few weeks in mid lane might be able to explain his sudden downturn. Twisted Fate, Galio, and Karma are finding themselves in the mid lane now. Those are all picks that Nemesis didn’t play at all in Spring.

It’s still inexcusable for Europe’s most historic team, but thankfully the team faces Schalke next week. While this may sound cruel, Schalke should be an easy way to right the ship for them.

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Humanoid has proven to be one of the best mid-laners in Europe. Screengrab via LEC.

MAD Lions are the best team in Europe. A team that, as of January, was filled with unknowns and Humanoid, a decent young mid-laner from the Czech Republic with experience at Worlds in 2019.

Those unknowns, top-laner Oromo, jungler Shad0w, bot-laner Carzzy, and support Kaiser, as well as Humanoid, have all consistently looked really good these past 6 months. The exciting thing about Splyce is not how they methodically dismantle teams (although they do that), it’s how fun their games are to watch. They innovate the meta, whether it be Ivern in the jungle, or Wukong support, it’s a genuinely fun team to watch. They have flashes of G2: A team not scared to go outside of the meta in picks/bans.

On top of that, the team has already beaten Fnatic, SK, Origen, and Rogue, all good teams that could’ve given them trouble. In every one of those games, the team shows an ability to control dragons, as well as being able to keep games short on average, with average game time being a smudge over the 30 minute mark. The team also creates a gold differential per minute of 179, the highest in the league.

Humanoid has been apart of MAD Lions since their inception in 2019. Previously, he played for Splyce, who’s spot in the LEC was purchased by MAD Lions. Screengrab via LEC.

The MAD Lions will take on the winless Schalke 04 and re-surging Misfits this upcoming week. The real test comes after the bye week for Europe, when MAD takes on the greatest European team of all time in G2.

Kobbe, Misfits Find Their Stride

One of Europe’s best bot-laners has triumphantly returned so far this split. Screengrab via LEC.

Following a 1-3 start to the split, it looked like Misfits might’ve lost their Spring Split touch. The roster stayed mainly intact from Spring, transferring over the same roster minus Korean bot-laner Bvoy. The team instead brought in veteran Danish bot-laner Kobbe after an unsuccessful stint in North America with TSM. Danish support Doss was also brought in, he’s replaced denyk outright so far this split.

Kobbe looks like a breath of fresh air for the team, replacing Bvoy, who wasn’t necessarily bad, but not able to compete with the best bot-laners in Europe. In all their wins, Kobbe consistently is able to dominate the mid-game with new support Doss. Dan Dan, Razork, and Febiven all remain to be consistent, although in their 3 losses, Razork consistently gets singled out in terms of bad performances.

Even with a bad start, Misfits look to have found their footing. They’ve put together 3 wins against Schalke, Vitality, and Excel. Sure, that’s not the most impressive string of games to win, but it’s still encouraging to see. The team created an alarming 299 gold differential per minute, the highest by a decent amount. The team has a clear identity now to look to: Play around Kobbe. He makes up for 27.2% of the team’s damage, and could very easily carry this team into the top four conversation in Europe.

MVP of the Week: Dan Dan (Misfits)

The Dutch top-laner displayed dominance with Kayle in a dominating game versus Vitality. Screengrab via LEC.

VS Vitality: 7/2/8 on Kayle

VS Excel: 2/0/2 on Jax

You could make an argument that Kobbe deserves to go here, and you’d probably be right. However, Dan Dan on Kayle was something. Kayle is a pick that, when seen in pro, has had very mixed results. He started the game rough, giving up first blood to Vitality jungler Nji. Kayle is notoriously slow starting though in the lane, so there’s no reason to be concerned with him being down in CS for the first part of the game. Dan Dan then dominated the game.

In a game against Excel, while a 2/0/2 score-line isn’t exciting, Dan Dan contributed in a win against Excel where Misfits dominated from the beginning.

Honorable Mentions: Kobbe (Misfits), Alphari (Origen), Crownshot (SK Gaming), Jankos (G2), Humanoid (MAD Lions)

Standings After Week 3

Screengrab via LEC

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