The Weekend Review: LEC Week 7



3 August 2020


Welcome to The Weekend Review here at OkGamer for LEC Week 7. What The Weekend Review will be is three quick observations/thoughts over what happened in the past weekend of LCS/LEC games, as well as picking an MVP for the weekend. Last week’s edition is here.

Alphari and OG

Alphari LEC week 7
Alphari has only played for two teams across top level European competition and could be looking for a third soon. Image via Riot games.

Alphari is one of the best top-laners in the world and consistently makes a good case for being the best in Europe. If Alphari wants another chance at Worlds like he did with Misfits, it probably won’t be with Origen or this current lineup.

The Welsh player proved that once again this weekend. In Origen’s last four losses, he’s looked like the only proactive player on the rift at any given moment. New support Jactroll had one good week and has now followed it up with four abysmal games, reminding us of why he was kicked from Vitality. Nukeduck has fallen behind the new European mid lane wave of talent severely, while both Upset and Xerxe have struggled in their own rights. The team isn’t on the same page, book, or trilogy.

Then there’s Alphari. He’s up an average 19.5 CS at 15 minutes and up 599 gold on average at 15 minutes. He’s able to create a win condition for his team consistently, which is impressive for a top-laner in the current meta. His team will rarely play through that win condition and rather focus on Upset, which is a shame.

Where does Alphari go from here? It’s hard to say. His contract ends in November, allowing him the option to explore. This next week will decide the fate of Fnatic, which could be a landing spot for him given Bwipo’s poor performance this split. Unless Alphari jumps ship and joins another LEC team or Origen completely re-tools their lineup, it’s talent wasted.

Recency Bias With Schalke 04

Dreams has bounced around Europe but may have found a permanent home with Schalke, alongside AD carry Neon. Image via Riot Games.

Schalke was a pretty awful team through the first few weeks of the LEC Summer Split. The German organization waited four weeks to win their first game, starting the split 0-8. Would you believe that same (sort of) team has picked up four in a row? They have.

Using recency bias alone, Schalke is a really good team. Best team in Europe kind of good. All four wins have been by extremely wide margins. Their win against Origen saw them end the game with a 12 thousand gold margin in their favor. Every player has turned their game around in dramatic fashion, support DreamS and mid-laner Abbedagge especially.

Let’s not use recency bias though for a few seconds: The team still lost eight games to start the LEC Summer Split. That alone dug them into such a deep hole, one they may not be able to climb out of even with their recent run of success. The so-called ‘bad teams’ aren’t pushovers anymore. Schalke, even when 1-8 after picking up their first win, started to push back in losses. The same with an aggressive Vitality and other teams at the bottom of the table.

Schalke still is an exciting team to watch for being in tenth place. Going into Gilius is guaranteed to give a fun performance, which is sometimes good, sometimes bad. Schalke beat Excel and Origen in very convincing fashion this past weekend, giving themselves a 5-10 record. Hypothetically, if Schalke goes 3-0 in the final week of play, they have a shot of getting into playoffs at 8-10. It’s complete chaos at the bottom of the table in the LEC Summer Split, which is fitting for 2020.

A Sinking Ship

Mithy transitioned into a coaching role after retiring from pro play last year. Image via Riot Games.

Rekkles and Alphari have to be be good friends. They’re both in the same spot. Fnatic’s list of issues is very long. I could talk about Hylissang averaging around five deaths a game, Nemesis using Corki package into four people and quickly dying, or Selfmade’s awful week, but those have all been harped on. There is one major issue though: Head coach Mithy’s drafting strategies.

Mithy is clearly in over his head. He’s now in charge of drafting, and deciding to pick Pyke for support Hylissang against Morgana isn’t a mistake a professional should be making. It’s not all on him though, as players should be speaking up in the draft about decisions. Letting G2 pick Caitlyn, who is now one of the strongest AD carry champions in the game, to go into a bottom lane of Jhin/Pyke just rubs more salt in the wound.

Even when picking comfort for his players, as seen in their losses against both Rogue and G2, the team loses. That indicates a lot of problems in the realm of Fnatic.

It’s pretty clear after this past weekend of play that this Fnatic roster won’t be together in 2021. Even if they make a run for playoffs (which they have a good shot at) there still should be changes. Things need to change in multiple roles after a number of players have placed in the bottom three for various stats in the LEC.

The G2-Fnatic rivalry is dead, it has been since Caps left Fnatic for G2. The team put up the allusion of a top of the table team in Spring, but now is a fifth or sixth place team at best.

MVP of the Week: Caps (G2)

Caps LEC Week 7
Caps has been one of Europe’s most consistent performers. Image via Riot Games.

VS Vitality: 7/0/5 on Zoe

VS Fnatic: 8/2/6 on LeBlanc

Much of G2’s eight wins so far in the LEC Summer Split has been on the back of mid-laner Caps. Caps would’ve had a perfect week had it not been for a solo kill at the hands of Fnatic’s Bwipo and stepping on a Jhin trap at the ned of the Fnatic game.

Caps has been able to keep up with the new talent in the middle lane in Europe, something that a few others have struggled with. If Caps can keep this play up heading into playoffs, he’ll retain his spot as best mid-laner in the West.

Honorable Mentions: Mikyx (G2), Gilius (S04), Abbedagge (S04)

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