The Weekend Review: LEC Week 6



28 July 2020


Welcome to The Weekend Review here at OkGamer for LEC Week 6. What The Weekend Review will be is three quick observations/thoughts over what happened in the past weekend of LCS/LEC games, as well as picking an MVP for the weekend.

Please Don’t Pick Karma Top

Karma has had a less than spectacular record so far in the LEC. Image via Riot Games.

Karma top has it’s moments. The champion is infuriating to play against, even when 0/5/0 she’s incredibly hard to kill and catch. However, it’s not a champion that fits the European play-style, and especially not the play-style of the two top-laners who picked it this week.

G2 Wunder and OG Alphari both played a game on Karma this week. Combined they went 1/10/9. Each had an equally bad game. Both players got caught out by ganks early, and then things only went downhill from there.

In G2’s came specifically, Wunder played Karma into Schalke 04’s Odoamne. Ornn gives so much more to a team and will remain relevant through the entirety of a game.

Going further, both Wunder and Alphari shouldn’t be playing Karma. These are two of the best top-laners Europe has ever seen. Alphari specifically has looked like the best top-laner in Europe and one of the saving graces of Origen. Putting them on a supportive champion that can win lane, but won’t press any further than that is frustrating.

Overall the champion has gone 1-8 in all LEC games, with most of the games being played in the support role. The champion should stop seeing play in Europe for the time being, it’s clearly not working out.

It’s Time to Worry for G2

The battle for playoffs is beginning to look tough for the European giants. Image via Riot Games.

There’s a growing sense that G2 isn’t making playoffs. The team, apart from mid-laner Caps, has looked abysmal. Caps won the game against Rogue for G2, one that they should’ve lost.

The team also lost to Schalke 04, a team that entered the week 1-10. That’s a game that could end up killing G2’s chances at making playoffs. As it stands, G2 is tied for fifth alongside Excel and Origen at 6-7. Just behind that pack are Misfits and Vitality at 5-8. It’s an extremely tight race for sixth place.

Something that G2 could rely on to get them wins was a very cohesive five man unit. It no longer looks like that. Every player looks like they’re on their own path. In 2019, if you think you caught out a G2 player, you didn’t. The teleport would come out from Wunder and you’d be quickly overwhelmed. In 2020, if you think you caught out a G2 player, you probably have.

The loss against Schalke was the worst loss of this iteration of G2. Perkz consistently positions himself in dangerous areas and the drafts are all over the place. Picking Aphelios into Azir/Ezreal is a terrible idea, as Aphelios’ one counter is long range damage dealers.

G2 plays Vitality, Fnatic, Misfits, SK, and Excel to close out the LEC Summer Split. These are all teams that are competing for the sixth playoff spot. G2 needs to come out with, at minimum, three wins. It’s doable, but G2 needs to turn things around or else the team that made 2019 Worlds Finals won’t even make it back to the international tournament.

Misfits are Making a Claim for Worst Team in the LEC

There have been dramatic changes since Misfits 2020 Spring lineup last played. Image via Riot Games.

Misfits does have a better record than Schalke and are tied with Vitality. However through these past two weeks Misfits have looked like the worst team in the LEC.

LEC caster Froskurinn will back that statement, as she said during the broadcast that Misfits is the weakest team in the LEC. Kobbe and Febiven are the only players that look deserving of staying in the LEC. Razork is a mixed bag of results and coin flips for objectives more than you’d like as a jungler. Top-laner Dan Dan is one of the worst performing players in the LEC.

The real glaring weakness is support Doss. Last split, Misfits played Denyk as their starting support alongside former AD carry Bvoy. Bvoy left for Brazil, which lead the team to signing Kobbe from TSM in North America. Doss began the split as the starter over Denyk, and it hasn’t looked good. The bottom lane looks like they’re on completely different pages. The highlight was Doss putting a Bard magical journey for himself, which he took into all five Rogue members. He quickly died. After that, Kobbe took it also. You can fill in the rest.

Doss is performing terribly and Denyk deserves a spot in the LEC. The mid to late game of Misfits looks awful and it’s a repeat every game with Doss dying repetitively.

It’s at the point where Misfits should be begging Bvoy to come back and play for Misfits alongside Denyk. That bottom lane at least looked stable in Spring.

MVP of the Week: Gilius (Schalke 04)

Everything came together for the German jungler. Image via Riot Games.

VS G2: 10/1/8 on Kha’Zix

VS Misfits: 8/2/4 on Nocturne

It was a very bizarre week in the LEC. It’s only fitting that Gilius had one of the best weeks of his entire career.

GodGilius is back (for now). Gilius consistently can make a terrible team look very good, as he did this week. He’s playing like he wants to stay in the LEC, which he could with a string of good performances.

Gilius has his moments, but they usually last for short periods of time. He usually does the same jungle path which leads to early ganks for whoever his mid-laner is. In Vitality, when he played for them in 2018, he would consistently gank for Jizuke and set him ahead.

We’ll see next week if Gilius can keep up this high level of play as he’ll be facing Excel’s Caedrel and Origen’s Xerxe in week seven.

Honorable Mentions: Abbedagge (Schalke 04), Patrik (Excel), DreamS (SK), Caps (G2)

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