The Weekend Review: LCS Week 7



29 July 2020


Welcome to The Weekend Review here at OkGamer for LCS Week 7. What The Weekend Review will be is three quick observations/thoughts over what happened in the past weekend of LCS/LEC games, as well as picking an MVP for the weekend.

New Split, Same CLG

Top-laner Ruin (right) has been one of the most criticized players in the LCS this split. Image via Riot Games.

The only reason Immortals and Dignitas have a very small chance of making playoffs is because of CLG. It was another 0-2 week for CLG, making that four consecutive losses. Couple this with a hellish schedule to close out their Summer Split, CLG might not even make the playoff bubble.

Things get worse when you learn that they don’t own the tiebreaker match-ups against the two teams below them, Immortals and Dignitas. Their one game lead over Dignitas could end up making the difference.

It’s the same issues that plagued CLG on their way to a 3-15 record in Spring: Everyone just looks awful. Support Smoothie has had his moments, along with mid-laner Pobelter. However, top-laner Ruin and jungler Wiggily don’t look like they belong in the LCS. AD carry Stixxay is CLG through and through. He’s been with the organization since 2015. This might be the final run with them though.

Ruin had two terrible games, both on picks that should win their lanes (Kennen and Gnar). Instead he went a combined 1/7/6, losing lane in dramatic fashion each time. It’s very clear he’s the weakest link in a team full of them. It’s the Pobelter show at this point, and he hasn’t had a good performance since nearly three weeks ago now.

CLG closes out the split with Team Liquid, Golden Guardians, FlyQuest, and Cloud9. You can’t ask for a much tougher schedule than that. I wouldn’t count on CLG winning any of those games, and a team skidding into playoffs at a 1-7 record isn’t too promising. It’s especially surprising when you think of how CLG came out of the gate. But hey, anything can happen in playoffs this year. You just have to get there.

Even When Losing, Cloud9 Continues to Innovate

Two very different looking drafts. Screengrab via LCS.

It’s promising to see a team unafraid to innovate, even when facing a team that they’re tied with for first. Cloud9 first brought out the Wukong/Senna bottom lane. To be fair, other teams had brought that combo out before them, such as Europe’s MAD Lions. That experiment saw varied success, with a win and a loss.

This week’s iteration of the Cloud9 innovation train was something. Shen and Hecarim made up for the top part of the map. While Shen isn’t necessarily uncommon, Hecarim is in the jungle. Next, Sett was played by Nisqy in the mid lane. Finally, the real fun came in the bottom lane when Zven and Vulcan played Sona and Lux respectively.

It’s a bizarre team composition, but it’s good to see them bring it out versus a high caliber team. If they had played this against, say Immortals, it probably would’ve been a stomp in favor of Cloud9. Bringing it out and working out the issues with the composition against Team Liquid is much more favorable.

It’s not like Cloud9 had a terrible game either, the team jumped out to a big gold lead early and looked to be cruising to a victory over Cloud9 and sole ownership over first place in the LCS. Team Liquid would end up coming from behind on the coattails of an important Mordekaiser E from Team Liquid’s Impact. The Blitzcrank pick was also a smart pick from Jatt and the rest of the TL coaching staff, as Blitzcrank’s ultimate breaks shields.

Is it worrying that Cloud9 has lost three games already, where they only lost one last split? Not really. All three losses have happened while using experimental team compositions. It’s still the same Cloud9, just willing to experiment and tinker more in the draft. Which isn’t a bad thing at all.

FlyQuest Will Make TSM Work for Third Place

WildTurtle has reclaimed his spot at WildTurtle’s starting AD carry. Image via Riot Games.

A rough stretch of games saw FlyQuest go 2-5 in their last seven games of LCS play entering this past week. FlyQuest decided to substitute back in WildTurtle for MasH a few weeks ago, a decision that originally puzzled many fans.

After a week of mixed results with WildTurtle back in the lineup, FlyQuest is heating up at the perfect time. The team won over both Team Liquid and Golden Guardians, two strong North American teams. The Liquid game was about as convincing as one can get. Top-laner Solo bullied Team Liquid’s Impact and IgNar proved why Rakan is one of his best champions.

The other win wasn’t too convincing, as a major misplay from Golden Guardians top-laner Hauntzer gift-wrapped the game to FlyQuest. Seeing WildTurtle back in the lineup is refreshing, as MasH seemed like a side-grade at best.

FlyQuest could make a run for third place in the LCS, a position which TSM currently holds. FlyQuest plays Immortals, 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses, and CLG to finish their Summer split. That’s four games they could win. TSM on the hand plays Team Liquid, Golden Guardians, Cloud9, and Evil Geniuses. There’s a wide margin of difference between difficulty of schedules between FlyQuest and TSM.

It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that FlyQuest could make a run for a first round bye, seeing as how Team Liquid and Cloud9 have been consistently dropping games.

MVP of the Week: Santorin (FlyQuest)

Santorin could make a claim for second or third all-pro team with more performances like this. Image via Riot Games.

VS Team Liquid: 2/1/7 on Sett

VS Golden Guardians: 4/4/6 on Sett

Santorin’s been one of the most stable junglers in North America since he joined Team Coast in 2014. He proved that again this week.

The Danish jungler was instrumental in an upset over Team Liquid and a solid come from behind win against Golden Guardians. He may not be the flashiest player and win MVP like Cloud9’s Blaber, but Santorin has had a pretty good Summer split so far.

It’s also hard to not root for a FlyQuest player. I mean, come on.

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