Summer Playoffs Patch Preview: Changes for 24 Champions in Patch 10.16



28 July 2020


What’s so special about the upcoming 10.16 patch? Well, it’s s going to be one of the biggest patches in League of Legends history that isn’t a mid-season patch or a complete season rebuild. The reason for this are the summer playoffs where the 8 best teams will compete before the Worlds arrives. Based on what we see, Riot is about to introduce some interesting balance changes to 24 champions that will, without doubt, diversify the playoffs meta.

Patch 10.16 Nerf List

According to Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, the leading gameplay designer at Riot, the newest nerf list includes as many as 10 champions. Since there are so many, there won’t be huge changes, and that goes for both buffs and nerfs.

What caught most attention when it comes to nerfs is the fact three junglers made the list: Volibear, Karthus, and Kha’Zix. 

Even though we don’t have the details on the nerfs, we can see some champions had to be re-balanced. The example of that is Volibear which already got nerfed in Patch 10.14 when he got a decrease in base attack speed and his W heal got halved. It seems that wasn’t enough to impact his jungle clear, so we believe that might be the next nerf subject. 

Syndra is also one of the champions that received a number of nerfs over the past few months. Despite that, she remained one of the best control mages and a strong pick in pro play. Not to mention she is often a high priority in the drafting phase. Looking at some of the best Syndra players in the world it is obvious she is simply too strong and deserves more nerfs, especially to her unleashed power ability. 

Similarly, Sett and Karthus are also getting nerfed for being “too good” in pro play. Karthus’s buffs in patch 10.14, when he got an increase in base health, movement speed, Q damage and damage to monsters were obviously a bit much. For this reason, he currently has a 53.01% win rate and an 18.4% ban rate. 

The Kha’Zix nerf also comes as no surprise since he is the second jungler by win rate, behind Karthus. 

When it comes to Nautilus, it seems his engagement and crowd control abilities are currently just too strong and lacking counterplay.

Ashe, Karma and Bard all count in somewhat unexpected nerfs, since they aren’t as strong to start with. It can be concluded most of these nerfs are aimed towards pro play, with the exceptions of Kha’Zix and Nocturne that will primarily affect the solo queue. 

Patch 10.16 Buff List

If you thought the summer playoff nerf list is long, how about 14 champions getting buffed? Furthermore, the most interesting names on the list have been a discussion topic in both solo and pro play for a while now. 

Yasuo’s buff is obviously connected to the release of Yone to boost the character hype even more. Yone has already shown great carry potential, and with these Yasuo buffs, we can expect some interesting Yasuo-Yone bot lane battles. 

Among top laners, already strong Fiora and Jax, both great split pushers and duelists, will be evolving even more with this patch. 

When it comes to mid lane, buffing Ziggs, Neeko and Veigar, all known as flex picks, might make them get used in pro play even more to confuse the opposing teams. 

Furthermore, Evelynn, Hecarim and Akali are all listed for flex pick buffs, and it will be interesting to see them behaving in multiple roles. We all know Akali used to be one of the strongest picks for both solo and competitive play until the latest nerfs killed both her win rate and pick rate. When it comes to Evelyn, it will be fun to see how this champion’s jungle kit can be made more flexible. 

Some of the players’ favorite ADC champions, Tristana, Lucian and Miss Fortune are also receiving buffs. Lastly, supports that are listed for buffs are Morgana and Rakan

Wrapping It up

We’ve taken a look at what Reddit users have to say about this patch and it seems the patch changes players have been commenting on most are Fiora and Jax buffs since they are already considered OP in the current meta. In either case, all of these changes are now available for testing on the PBE and are going live on Patch 10.16, coming on August 5

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