Samira’s Abilities Revealed: New LoL Champion Confirmed



31 August 2020


The community has been talking about a new champion’s arrival over the past month, but nothing was official until now. Riot finally gave us a confirmation: Samira is the newest League of Legends champion. She will probably be joining the Fields of Justice in Patch 10.19, but maybe even as early as Patch 10.18. Let’s just wait and see. Until then, here’s a detailed breakdown of Samira’s abilities and skills that are still unofficial, but very likely.

Samira: Riot’s Trailer 

What we’ve found out from Riot’s new champion trailer is that the new AD carry owns a twin pistol and a sword, only providing the players with a peek into her ability kit. 

Samira’s Abilities Leak

Riot hasn’t given us a lot of information on Samira’s abilities, but data miners dug out quite a lot about Samira’s abilities on the PBE. According to them, Samira, the Desert Rose will have a kit that makes her a hybrid champion that can deal damage from afar with ranged hits, but also at melee range. 

Her unusual ability kit will be centered around her Style Rating, her unique feature and a part of her passive, where every successful combination will positively affect her stats. 

Passive: Daredevil Impulse

One of the most interesting features of Samira’s kit is her passive with Style Rating that improves her speed of movement as she attacks enemy champions. That might lead to Samira being an extremely mobile and flexible champion becoming the Desert Rose in long trades and team fights. 

The second aspect of her passive is increased damage in melee range and with low health objectives. This is one of the most important aspects of Samira’s kit. 

Samira’s passive also helps her to knock up enemy champions if her allies have stunned, frozen, or significantly slowed down. This prolonged crowd control by 0.5 seconds and enables Samira and her team to edge into some additional DPS and stay ahead in a fight. 

Q: Flair

Samira’s main damage dealing ability that is based on her swords or a ranged weapon. Each hit can critically strike for extra damage. Additionaly, there is a bonus for hitting all enemies if the Q is used simultaneously with her E – Wild Rush. 

W: Blade Whirl 

Blade Whirl is a similar to Shen’s Spirit’s Refuge and Xin Zhao’s Crescent Guard. With this ability, Samira can stop projectiles, leaving ranged enemies helpless for a second. When casting, Blade Whirl deals additional damage to the enemy. 

This ability has incredible outplay potential, especially when used against two melee champions in the bottom lane. 

E: Wild Rush

Wild Rush can be compared to Yasuo’s Sweeping Blade. What differentiates the two is a longer cooldown, but also a cooldown reset after a kill occurs. With this ability, she gains attack speed what makes her even more mobile. 

R: Inferno Trigger

With Inferno Trigger, Samira can fire at all opponents in a big radius and can also critically strike. She can shoot up to 10 times in 2 seconds time, dealing damage and using lifesteal. All of this makes Inferno Trigger her deadliest ability. An important thing about this ability is she can only use it if her Style rating stands at S.

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