Predicting end of split LCS awards in the 2020 Summer Split



11 August 2020


With the LCS regular season ending this past week, it’s time to make predictions for the end of season LCS awards. The LCS awards up for consideration will be the first, second, and third all-pro teams, coach of the split, rookie of the split, as well as MVP.

First All-Pro Team

FLY Solo | FLY Santorin | TL Jensen | TL Tactical | TL CoreJJ

Solo and Santorin played a huge part in FlyQuest’s resurgence in the second half of the split. Winning seven straight, both players had great performances all through the split. Consistency is key for being a first all-pro team member. Santorin also proved to be one of the best Sett players, a popular pick in the jungle.

It’s no secret that Team Liquid will dominate the first all-pro team. Jensen, Tactical, and CoreJJ were the three best members on TL this past split. Tactical, for a rookie, had one of the most impressive splits. That could be attributed to veteran support CoreJJ guiding him. Jensen also regained his form this split, where he looked very shaky in the Spring Split.

Second All-Pro Team

C9 Licorice | C9 Blaber | TSM Bjergsen | C9 Zven | C9 Vulcan

Although Cloud9 faltered real hard in the second half of the split, you can’t forget how hard the team stomped their fellow LCS teams in the first half of the split. All C9 players here rank near the top for KDA in their respective roles, while also having good stats in lane. Recency bias aside, the entire C9 lineup had a good split, even with a few bumps in the road. Alongside the four C9 members, there’s Bjergsen. The competition for Bjergsen and Jensen for first and second all-pro team mid-laners is so close. Both had phenomenal splits, but I value Jensen’s laning phase stats heavily. Even with that, Bjergsen was TSM’s best performing member on a team that saw varying play from all other members.

Third All-Pro Team

100T Ssumday | TL Broxah | C9 Nisqy | GGS FBI | FLY IgNar

Ssumday (along with Alphari, Kiin, and Summit) is the ultimate example of a player being able to retain form even when players around him are bad. Although 100 Thieves finished seventh, Ssumday still had a great split. Broxah, the fifth TL member on these lists, had a slow start to the split but ramped things up after criticism from the community. Nisqy, although not as strong as his peers when in the lane but can impact other lanes very well, is one of the best mid-laners in the LCS. His Galio play is one of the best in the league. IgNar had a good split with his “ditch WildTurtle and go camp for PowerOfEvil” strategy. Once again, the Korean proves to be one of the best supports in the LCS.

Finally, there’s FBI. He’s possibly the most underrated player in the LCS along with Solo. FBI made up for 30.7% of his teams damage to champions, only behind Tactical. His 618 damage per minute while also having extremely dominant laning stats is very impressive. Honestly, there’s an argument to be made for FBI to make second or even first all-pro team in our LCS awards.

Coach of the Split

Joshua “Jatt” Leesman
Jatt’s made a successful transition from Riot Games to Team Liquid. Image via Riot Games.

This award, historically, is basically the “which coach got first place” award. Jatt deserves it though. After TL finished ninth in the Spring Split, finishing first is a major achievement for the former on-air talent.

While his drafts were relatively standard and nothing too flashy, identifying Mordekaiser and Blitzcrank as strong picks into their win versus Cloud9 was smart and the right move. His team showed the most consistency throughout the entire split. It’s hard to know how much impact a coach will have on a team, but going from ninth to first is impressive nonetheless.

Rookie of the Split

TSM Treatz
Doublelift may have found his newest long-term support partner in Treatz. Image via Riot Games.

Treatz had pretty much no competition, but even if he did he’d probably still win this award. The only other rookies this split were Insanity, Tuesday, Fragas, Potluck, and Deus. Three of those players were on CLG, and the other two on Immortals. You do the math.

In the eight games he played after replacing Biofrost, TSM looked like an entirely new team. The roster went 6-2 while the rookie had an impressive 11.7 KDA. His 79.7% kill participation is also good to see out of a rookie. He also had some spectacular Morgana games in pivotal wins versus Evil Geniuses and Cloud9. Although his competition was basically nonexistent, Treatz deserves the rookie of the split award in our LCS awards.

Most Valuable Player

LCS Awards CoreJJ
He’s back. Image via Riot Games.

If CoreJJ is to win this award, it will be his third MVP award in the past four splits. CoreJJ is, unequivocally, the greatest support to ever play in the LCS. he was, once again, the catalyst for a number of engages on Bard and had some insanely high vision scores this split. His aggressive laning and guidance lead him and rookie Tactical to being the best bottom lane in the LCS. It’s very rare that an import comes to North America and raises the level of his game so much like CoreJJ has.

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