Patch 10.17 Preview: Caitlyn, Yone nerfed



18 August 2020


Patch 10.17
Image via Mark Yetter.

Riot’s hitting the AD carry role with multiple buffs and nerfs in the League 10.17 Patch.

Patch 10.17 will be a smaller one, due to Riot taking a few week vacation. 10.18 is expected to be a much larger patch. The changes are expected to hit the rift on Wednesday.

Yone, League‘s newest champion, will be receiving his first nerf after one patch of play on the live servers. Getting a hit will be his Q, which will have the base damage reduced from 20-120 to 20-100. His ultimate will also no longer lifesteal.

Getting nerfed will be Caitlyn with a small change to her movement speed, which was buffed in 10.15. Her base movement speed will be reduced from 330 to 325. Nothing else with the oppressive AD carry will be changed, as Caitlyn has seen extensive play in both solo-queue and professional play.

Fellow AD carries Kai’Sa, Varus, and Xayah are being buffed in order to catch up to the evolving bottom lane meta.

Kai’Sa is set to receive a small AD buff, which will increase per level from 1.7 to two. The attack speed on her E, Supercharge, will be increased from 40-60% to 40-80%. Kai’Sa being buffed has become a habit, as the AD carry has fallen behind in the meta significantly since being played heavily in 2019. The champion is rarely played in professional play and her solo-queue stats aren’t inspiring.

While these buffs to Kai’Sa could be enough to put her back in the meta, Varus and Xayah are also receiving some much needed help. Ever since lethality Varus was gutted, the champ has needed some buff. Varus will have his attack speed increased per level from three to 3.75. Xayah will also have her attack damage per level increased from 2.9 to 3.5.

The final notable nerf was to Sona and Lux, who were frequently paired in the bottom lane together. Sona had reductions on her ability power ratios as well as movement speed, while Lux’s W received plenty of nerfs.

Patch 10.17 will go live tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 19.

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