Are LoL Watch Rewards Worth It? 2020 Drops System Details



21 July 2020


This summer has brought many novelties for League of Legends players, from the Spirit Blossom Festival, Yone and Lilia, new skins, and some more meta changes. Despite the initial Summer Split delay and uncertainties, both leagues are back in full swing. Since its results directly impact who will qualify for the Worlds, a lot is at stake. Another long-awaited novelty for League of Legends players is the return of the LoL watch rewards system for the summer split.

What makes this year’s system special is the fact watchers are getting rewarded in the form of drops. Even though earning in-game items for watching your favorite teams in LCS and LEC tournaments seems like a perfect mix, not all fans are happy with the current watch and earn system.

Drops: Definition and How Watch Rewards Work

Drops are League of Legend watch rewards and in-game items for those who actively watch matches on LoL Esports. If you’re used to be watching the games on Twitch, don’t worry since this is the exact same stream happening in a different interface only. 

The drops appear in the form of cards, with every card carrying a special reward. They get dropped randomly during LEC streams in four tiers. Since the drops can also be triggered in-game, some amazing moves might result in rare items, so stay on the lookout. For example, if an Elder Dragon steal or a pentakill occurs, there is most definitely be something good in it for you. 

According to Riot, the cards can be divided into Epic, Legendary, Mythic and Ultimate. What makes the Epic cards so epic is the fact they can contain a bit of Blue Essence.


In short, simply tuning into the competition gives you an opportunity to earn in-game items. These items include keys, chromas, skin shards, summoner icons, Prestige Points, Clash tickets, or sponsored items from Riot’s business partners.

Who is Eligible For League of Legends Esports Drops

The system will mark a game as watched if a viewer stays on the channel for a minimum of 10 minutes. In detail, this is how it works and who is eligible for receiving rewards: 

  • Log in with your Riot Games account and opt-in to receive drops and rewards;
  • If a drop is triggered in-game, a notification will appear;
  • Claim the reward by clicking the on-screen notification or visiting the reward page any time;
  • You can see what you’ve gathered so far on a Drops page. 

The Drops page is the place where you will be able to see how many hours you spent watching so far and how many rewards it earned you. So just to be completely clear, you will have to be watching the matches live to get the Drops. Equally important, no matter what your region is, you are eligible to receive the watch rewards. 

Unfortunately, If you prefer watching VOD the day after, that will not get you rewarded. 

Summer Split 2020 Watch Missions and Rewards

In comparison to previous watch rewards, the criteria for watch missions got largely reduced. The old system allowed League of Legends players to receive in-game rewards such as icons and emotes based on watch missions only. New missions combined with Drops are added exclusively for 2020 summer split and, according to Riot, you can earn rewards easier than ever.

Riot has split the watch mission into tiers, with each one having its own rewards and criteria. 

  • Tier 1: Earn a Hextech Chest and Key by watching 1 LCS or LEC game 
  • Tier 2: Earn a Hextech Chest and Key by watching 5 LCS or LEC games 
  • Tier 3: Earn “It Was Me!” Emote by watching 10 LCS or LEC games 
  • Tier 4: Earn a Hextech Chest and Key by watching 15 LCS or LEC games

This makes a watch total of 21 matches. With a big number of matches going on during the weekends, this is when most viewers go for the rewards. Remember you have a limited amount of time. These missions have to be completed till the end of the summer split. With that in mind, note that LEC ends on September 8, while the LCS lasts until September 6. 

Drop System: Fan Opinions

Even though it seems Riot is really proud of their rewards solution, the fans don’t seem as happy. While the prestige points and skin shards were anticipated as rewards, players feel the other drops aren’t rewarding enough

Some Reddit users also complain about the fact the system doesn’t work on Twitch since they are not able to use their favorite Twitch chat while watching matches. 

An even bigger issue than insufficient items and Twitch preferences is the fact players feel manipulated into watching certain LEC and LCS matches. This especially goes for overseas players that may prefer watching leagues in their regions. This system will likely be applied to LCK and LPL as well. 

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