LEC Power Rankings After Week 6 of the Summer Split



30 July 2020


Welcome to the week six LEC power rankings. Last week’s version can be found here.

T1. MAD Lions (10-3)

T1. Rogue (10-3) (+1)

3. SK Gaming (7-6) (+1)

4. Fnatic (7-6) (+1)

5. Excel (6-7) (+3)

6. G2 Esports (6-7)

7. Origen (6-7) (-4)

8. Team Vitality (5-8) (+1)

9. Schalke 04 (3-10) (+1)

10. Misfits (5-8) (-3)

Head and Shoulders Above Everyone Else

MAD Lions (10-3) | Rogue (10-3)

MAD Lions no longer reigns supreme at the top after Rogue has consistently kept up with them. Image via Riot Games.

Much like their Western counterparts in North America Cloud9 and Team Liquid, MAD Lions and Rogue are tied for first place in our power rankings. Both teams dropped one game. MAD lost a surprising game to SK, while Rogue dropped a game to G2, one in which they were massively ahead at one point.

It’s been the same things reverberated across the LEC for the past few weeks: MAD and Rogue are so far ahead of everyone else. MAD uses constant aggression and will take any mistake and run with it. Rogue on the other hand use a methodical play-style, one which can slow down a game quite a bit at times.

Both teams supports are two of the best in the league, with Kaiser and Vander both making their claim to the title of best support in Europe. Every player on each roster is a star, which only hypes up their final matchup in a few weeks.

Unbelievably Inconsistent Playoff Teams

SK Gaming (7-6) | Fnatic (7-6) | Excel (6-7) | G2 Esports (6-7)

Trick has been able to bounce back in the Summer Split after a disappointing Spring Split. Image via Riot Games.

It’s really a miracle that any of these teams are in the playoffs. They’re only in this position because of how weak the LEC’s mid to lower table teams have been this split. All the teams do share one trait: Extreme incosistency.

SK, Fnatic, and Excel all rise this week off of relatively decent performances through the week.

SK scored an upset over MAD which really helps their playoff effort, as their remaining schedule isn’t an easy one. Crownshot continues to prove why he’s one of the best AD carries in Europe and Trick is having a rather impressive redemption tour. Support LIMIT has also played very well for someone so new to the LEC stage. He played Bard two times this week to varying success. It’s a weaker third place team in our power rankings, but anything can happen in playoffs.

Fnatic is probably the closest to being reasonably consistent in this group. They beat the teams below them (except Schalke somehow) and lost to everyone above them. It’s a team with huge names but has disappointed. The team got ran over by MAD Lions in their first game of the week. The Cho’Gath and Leona picks didn’t pan out too well, as Bwipo and Hylissang both had very bad games. Fnatic’s second game of the week was a redemption game, as Hylissang finally had an impressive game, playing Pyke, a champion he has had a history with. Bwipo also played off any rust with an impressive Gangplank game, going 10/1/4 over one of the best top-laners in Europe Alphari.

Excel’s last three weeks have been: 2-0, 0-2, 2-0. They’ve bounced around quite a bit these past few weeks in our power rankings. This team has practically became a one man show in AD carry Patrik. Patrik did good? Excel probably won. Patrik did bad? Well they probably lost then. It was encouraging to see a game in which Patrik didn’t have to hard carry in their win over SK. Both solo laners played an instrumental role in winning the game in Kryze and Special. Excel’s playoff chances ride on the shoulders of Patrik, and it’ll be interesting to see if he can carry the load.

What the hell has happened to G2? Mid-laner Caps looks like the only member who has carried over a bit of his Spring Split form. Something that G2 could rely on in solid teamwork has completely disappeared. Dominant jungling from Jankos is completely gone. The positioning of AD carry Perkz and support Mikyx has been downright awful, especially Perkz this week of play. He continually got caught in both games against Schalke and Rogue.

Top-laner Wunder has been able to create CS leads for himself in lane, as he has a small CS differential at 15 mins at 9.1. Even then, mid-laner Caps won them the game against Rogue, and put a good effort against Schalke. G2 is legitimately on the cusp of not making playoffs. Origen, Vitality, and Misfits could all make a run to catch them.

Sliding Down the Rankings

Origen (6-7) | Team Vitality (5-8)

Jactroll. LEC Power Rankings.
Jactroll has had two very opposite weeks. Image via Riot Games.

Jactroll had a real solid week for Origen in his first week of play. The Jactroll that struggled in Vitality seemed to be a thing of the past through one week of play. Well, Vitality Jactroll was back this week. Back in dramatic fashion too. Jactroll and Origen went 0-2, as the Polish support got caught over and over again on both Bard and Rakan. He went a combined 0/13/4. Mid-laner Nukeduck has also seen a consistent drop in form over the split. They’re our largest drop in this weeks power rankings, going four spots down in the rankings total.

Speaking of Jactroll, his former team is also in this tier. Vitality has slowly dropped over the course of the split after finding themselves tied for third after week one. Vitality’s one win came off the backs of an 0/7/3 Jactroll, who couldn’t help but get caught by Vitality mid-laner Milica’s Azir repetitively. Vitality could’ve gone 2-0, but a massive throw at baron in their game against Excel eventually lead to a loss for the French organization. On the bright side, Labrov has looked like a top five support in Europe.

Bottom of the Barrel

Schalke 04 (3-10) | Misfits Gaming (5-8)

Spanish jungler Razork has become an easy target for criticism in the League community. Image via Riot Games.

Misfits falls below Schalke because of a combination of a strong week from Schalke and a string of disappointing games from Misfits.

On form alone in the past few weeks, Schalke has looked like a pretty decent team in the LEC. Jungler Gilius won our player of the week award, as he looks like a man that wants to stay in Europe. Mid-laner Abbedagge finally had a strong performance when he dominated G2 with his Azir pick. Schalke’s playoff hopes are still alive, but barely. On a side note, who doesn’t want to watch Odoamne win?

Misfits has now dropped four in a row. Jungler Razork continues to become a very unpredictable jungler, two things that don’t go well. The real big conundrum is the Kobbe/Doss bottom lane. The reason as to why the support that started in Spring, denyk, is still on the bench is puzzling. Mid-laner Febiven and Kobbe are the only redeeming qualities of this team. Pairing Kobbe with Doss, one of the worst supports in Europe, seems criminal. Once again, the duo performed terribly. The highlight was Doss’ various Bard plays.

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