LCS Summer Week 7 Power Rankings



30 July 2020


LCS Summer Week Seven seemed to promise a look at who’s truly the first place team in the LCS. That sort of happened, as Team Liquid beat Cloud9. However, the two teams are still tied for first place at 11-3. Dignitas also find themselves (somehow) in the race for a playoff spot after a few abysmal weeks, mostly due to CLG’s various blunders.

You can view last week’s power rankings here.

T1. Cloud9 (11-3)

T1. Team Liquid (11-3) (+1)

3. TSM (9-5)

4. FlyQuest (8-6) (+2)

5. Golden Guardians (7-7)

6. Evil Geniuses (7-7) (-2)

7. 100 Thieves (5-9)

8. Dignitas (4-10) (+2)

9. CLG (5-9) (-1)

10. Immortals (3-11)

Tied at the Top

Cloud9 (11-3) | Team Liquid (11-3)

Jensen continues to look like the best mid-laner in North America. Image via Riot Games.

Team Liquid has closed the gap between them and Cloud9. It’s hard to put them above C9 due to Liquid’s convincing loss to FlyQuest. Also, if Cloud9 drafted a regular team composition I am entirely sure that they would’ve won. Even Team Liquid’s mid-laner Jensen agrees. Instead, they innovated, which is fine.

TL’s most promising development is their drafts recently. Drafting Blitzcrank into a shielding bottom lane was smart, as well as other picks such as the Mordekaiser in order to isolate one of Sona or Lux. Couple that with their only remaining opponent that looks remotely competitive being TSM, Liquid could very easily jump above Cloud9 in the coming weeks.

C9 is fine, losing three games due to trying new things out in draft is fine. However, they’re mortal. The team did have a massive lead over Liquid in their loss. The Cloud9 way is usually extremely clean teamfighting and coordination. They flubbed in teamfights consecutively and eventually lost. I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Sona/Lux bottom lane combo anytime soon though.

Ready for Playoffs, Sort of

TSM (9-5) | FlyQuest (8-6)

Broken Blade will need to perform well in playoffs in order for TSM to succeed. Image via Riot Games.

It’s crunch time for TSM. Thankfully they beat their two easiest opponents heading into the final stretch of their schedule this past weekend in CLG and Dignitas. They will run quite the gauntlet though in these new few weeks, facing Evil Geniuses, C9, Golden Guardians, and Team Liquid. They’ve clinched playoffs, even though top-laner Broken Blade and jungler Spica have both looked very up and down over the span of the split.

There’s an outside chance that TSM could upset C9 and Team Liquid and somehow clinch a first-round bye. Don’t count on it though.

FlyQuest has done some good this split. The fish tank, SeaQuest, you name it. This past weekend though, the team went 2-0 with a shocking victory over Team Liquid and FlyQuest. That’s good too. AD Carry WildTurtle has been playing with the starting lineup for two weeks now and is clearly better than MasH. FlyQuest are nearly a lock for playoffs and have a good shot at being in the upper bracket. They have an outside shot at a first-round bye too, but they’d likely need to win out.

FlyQuest has possibly the easiest remaining schedule in the LCS. 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses, CLG, and Immortals round out their Summer Split. There’s a good chance that they win three, or maybe even all of those games.

Hanging in There

Golden Guardians (7-7) | Evil Geniuses (7-7) | 100 Thieves (5-9)

EG jungler Svenskeren has seen a drop in form since his MVP winning split with Cloud9 in the 2019 LCS Summer Split. Image via Riot Games.

Buckle up Golden Guardians fans: It’s likely going to get rough from here on out. The team lost to FlyQuest and won against 100 Thieves this pasts weekend. Golden Guardians have one of the hardest remaining schedules. Cloud9, CLG, TSM, and Evil Geniuses will be their final opponents in the LCS Summer Split. That’s rough, save for the CLG game. One win pushes them to eight wins, which is going to be good enough for playoffs likely. However, to get out of the loser’s bracket, they’d need to win at least two games. AD carry FBI, mid-laner Damonte, and jungler Closer are going to have to put things into overdrive. It’s not impossible, but it’s difficult.

Dropping a game to Dignitas is unacceptable for a team like Evil Geniuses. That game is so important to win for getting into the upper bracket of playoffs. Their lives would be incredibly easy if they won that game. Jungler Svenskeren had a rough game against Dignitas, as him and top-laner Huni didn’t look coordinated. The team also has some of the lowest collective KDA in the league.

Ssumday has been through many iterations of 100 Thieves since joining the lineup in 2017. Image via Riot Games.

The weakest team in this tier is 100 Thieves, but they’re not far off from getting into playoffs. After having an 0-2 week against Team Liquid and TSM a few weeks back, the team bounced back with a win against CLG and a loss to Golden Guardians. Ryoma, Contractz, and Ssumday all performed well in their win. To have a chance at the upper bracket, they need to beat Immortals and Dignitas, which they should. On top of that, they need to beat one of FlyQuest or Evil Geniuses, and hope that Golden Guardians loses all their final games.

Somehow Competing for Playoffs

Dignitas (4-10) | CLG (5-9) | Immortals (3-11)

In what could be one of Aphromoo’s final splits of professional play, his team is in the playoff race. Image via Riot Games.

The 2020 LCS Summer Split hasn’t been kind to any of these teams. The competition has though, none of these teams deserve the amount of wins they have.

It’s very worrying that Dignitas, who literally gifted their week six loss to Golden Guardians in a box with a bow on it, is in a spot to compete for playoffs. They did it again this week against TSM. Thankfully for everyone, their chances of getting into playoffs are relatively low. The team has put back in V1per in the top lane in place of Lourlo, and it isn’t working. Jungler Dardoch did have a good performance against Evil Geniuses, and their bottom lane is really the only consistent bright spot on the team. Fingers crossed, this is a team we won’t be forced to watch in the loser’s bracket.

The main reason Dignitas and Immortals are still in this playoffs race in the LCS Summer Split with two weeks to go is because of CLG. After (yet another) 0-2 week, making it four losses in a row, CLG got stomped out this week. The entire team looks disjointed, with top-laner Ruin sticking out more than others. The magic of Pobelter on CLG seems to of run off too. It’s an organization that needs a complete overhaul in the offseason. Couple that with their remaining schedule (Team Liquid, Golden Guardians, FlyQuest, and Cloud9), CLG needs a miracle to get into playoffs.

Immortals has had a real long LCS Summer Split. After subbing out their entire lineup for a new one, their 3-11 record is inexplicably good enough to be in the playoff hunt. It’s a very small hope but it’s there. The final two playoff spots are currently held by two five win teams in 100 Thieves and CLG. Immortals plays 100 Thieves and went 1-1 against CLG. Immortals season will come down to their game against Dignitas though. Lose that game, they’re out of playoffs. Throw in the fact that they face Team Liquid and FlyQuest also, Immortals could very easily go 0-4 to finish out the split 3-15.

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