LCS Power Rankings Heading Into the Final Week of Play



6 August 2020


There’s a a new team on top in our LCS Power Rankings. The playoff race is heating up with two games to go for each team. Every team remains in competition for a spot in playoffs with the new LCS Summer playoff format.

You can view last week’s power rankings here.

1. Team Liquid (13-3)

2. Cloud9 (11-5) (-1)

3. TSM (11-5)

4. FlyQuest (10-6)

5. Golden Guardians (9-7)

6. Evil Geniuses (7-9)

7. 100 Thieves (6-10)

8. Immortals (4-12) (+2)

9. Dignitas (4-12) (-1)

10. CLG (5-11) (-1)

Creating Distance

Team Liquid (13-3)

Broxah’s had a roller-coaster of a split so far. Image via Riot Games.

Team Liquid is back at the top of the LCS Power Rankings and as all but locked in a first-round bye. Liquid only needs one win in order to lock a top two spot, and considering that their final two games are against Immortals and TSM, its pretty likely. Their match against TSM is especially intriguing, as they could play spoiler to old pal Doublelift and the rest of TSM.

Team Liquid hasn’t been the pinnacle of having good drafts or great play, but they are the most consistent. Come playoffs, Liquid will be one of the safest bets to go all the way and lock the number one seed for Worlds, representing North America.

In the Race for Second

Cloud9 (11-5) | TSM (11-5) | FlyQuest (10-6) | Golden Guardians (9-7)

Cloud9 endured a tough week, bringing their loss count to five. Image via Riot Games.

We have gone from a team that lost one game in the entirety of the 2020 LCS Spring Split to a team that lost double that in one week. The sky may be falling for Cloud9 right now, but they’re still in a good spot to lock a first-round bye. The good news is that C9 has an easy schedule remaining with CLG and Dignitas. On top of that, they own the tiebreaker over FlyQuest and have a two game lead over Golden Guardians. Should TSM and C9 exit the regular season with the same record, the two would play in a tiebreaker. It’s hard to imagine C9 dropping either of their games though, even with the team looking disjointed this past weekend.

TSM‘s hopes for a first-round bye were kept alive by a huge win over Cloud9. It’s still not too likely that they get it though. They play a strong Team Liquid and Golden Guardians, two teams also vying for a top spot. TSM has looked much better with new support Treatz, with Broken Blade and Spica looking like they’ve gained some sort of stability. Mid-laner Bjergsen also had one of his best weeks as a TSM member an easy choice for MVP of the week.

WildTurtle has proved his worth to FlyQuest since returning. Image via Riot Games.

Is there a team sitting in a better position in the LCS than FlyQuest? Maybe Liquid, but FlyQuest could very easily make a run for a top two spot, and possibly have a better shot than TSM does. Even with being a game behind TSM and C9, FlyQuest has CLG and Immortals in their final week, and has looked very strong in draft and play. They own the tiebreaker over TSM, but did go 0-2 versus Cloud9.

The team with the smallest chances of making a run for top two is Golden Guardians. Last week in our LCS Power Rankings I said that Golden Guardians are pretty much out of the running for a top two spot. I didn’t think that C9 would slip up so bad, but here we are. It’s not impossible, but it’s not likely. GGS would need to go 2-0, with a combination of TSM and C9 going 0-2, forcing a tiebreaker. That also depends on what happens with FlyQuest. GGS has been buoyed by fantastic play from all five members, but FBI and huhi continue to impress.

Gunning for the Upper Bracket

Evil Geniuses (7-9) | 100 Thieves (6-10)

LCS Power Rankings
Goldenglue, now on Evil Geniuses, hasn’t had the greatest return to the LCS so far. Image via Riot Games.

On one hand, Evil Geniuses wasn’t expected to go 2-0 this past weekend against TSM and FlyQuest. On the other, going 0-2 is less than great. EG has a good chance to lock an upper bracket spot with games against GGS and 100 Thieves in the final week of play, two teams ahead and behind them. Things start to get bad when you look at recent form, as the team has gone 2-4 in their last six games. With only a week remaining, Goldenglue and Huni have looked less than spectacular. The mid-season roster swap isn’t working out like EG thought it was.

100 Thieves is heading to playoffs (almost). Mathematically, they’re not locked, but they did a lot last week in order to get close. A win against Immortals puts them ahead of three teams behind them, and in a position to grab an upper bracket position. With one of the easier remaining schedules remaining in Dignitas and Evil Geniuses, 100 Thieves can decide their own fate. A 2-0 week from 100T would either force a tiebreaker with EG or jumping EG outright.

Tied at the Hip

Immortals (4-12) | Dignitas (4-12)

LCS Power Rankings

Where one goes, the other follows. That’s been the motto Dignitas and Immortals have lived by so far in our LCS Summer Power Rankings. It doesn’t change here.

Immortals got a critical win over Dignitas, one that keeps them in playoff contention. Their other game, a loss to 100 Thieves, effectively kills their chances to make playoffs. Not only did IMT go 0-2 in the split against 100T, they face Team Liquid and FlyQuest in the final week. Talk about some luck. Immortals has been a mixed bag of results, but mid-laner Insanity is a decent piece to build around with Xmithie being a good veteran presence.

Oh, Dignitas. If you asked any average LCS viewer who would be most likely to throw a gold lead that peaked at over 5,000 gold, it’d be Dignitas. They did just that this week. Dignitas were offered the chance to beat Immortals, finally proving that they don’t suck nearly as much as the team they’ve been around in the standings for so long. They failed. Dignitas is still in the race, facing Cloud9 and 100 Thieves in the final week. It more than likely won’t happen.


CLG (5-11)

LCS Power Rankings
The decision to bench Pobelter would puzzle many. Image via Riot Games.

CLG doesn’t deserve a playoff spot. They might still get one. Their next two games are against Cloud9 and FlyQuest, two games that they will go into as heavy underdogs. The team is also making changes in the roster, reportedly subbing out mid-laner Pobelter. That change doesn’t make too much sense, as Pobelter has looked like one of CLG’s stronger members.

The one thing going in favor of CLG is that they have a game in hand over both Immortals and Dignitas. However, if either catches them at five or six wins, there will be a tiebreaker. CLG split the series with both. That’s not too likely, as the scenario that will probably play out will be IMT and DIG going 0-2, letting a limping CLG into playoffs.

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