Honda partners with LCS as in-game sponsor



12 August 2020


A look at the updated LCS viewing experience. Image via Riot Games.

Riot Games will be partnering with a familiar name for playoffs and the foreseeable future as the company announced it will be partnering with Honda today.

Summoner’s Rift will sport Honda banners for in-game viewing during the LCS playoffs, as well as the 2020 LCS Summer Finals. The banners will be located in similar places to LEC’s placement with their KitKat banners. The banners will be in both red and blue side fountains, Baron pit, and in the top lane.

A new highlight that will be shown on-air will be the “Honda Performance Play,” which will display the top moments from the LCS Playoffs.

Honda may not be the first thing that fans of League think of when discussing the LCS, but the company has slowly made it’s presence felt in the LCS. The company partnered with Riot last year and currently sponsors the Honda LCS MVP Award, as well as the Honda LCS Scouting Grounds. Going further, the automobile manufacturer is partnered with Team Liquid earlier in 2019.

In traditional sports, advertising in arenas or on uniforms has become the norm. The NBA recently introduced sponsor placement on jerseys, as well as the NHL’s ads on the boards and digital sponsors on the glass. The LCS announced in May that they would look to partner with companies for ad placements on Summoner’s Rift.

The LCS Playoffs begin on Aug. 13 with Golden Guardians facing off against TSM.

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