G2 Esports dominate MAD Lions, secure spot at 2020 Worlds



22 August 2020


G2 Caps/Perkz
They’re back. Image via Riot Games.

G2 Esports is going back to Worlds following a one-sided beating over MAD Lions in the LEC Summer Split Playoffs earlier today.

Mid-laner Caps continued his MVP caliber form, while Wunder provided stability in the top lane on Neeko. The series began with G2 Esports running through MAD in a 29 minute game. Game two was more competitive, but G2 still proved to be too much.

With a chance to sweep the series, MAD finally put up a win in the series, with jungler Shad0w having a great game on Lillia. This would be the only game MAD would win in the series, as G2 won game four following an evenly matched early game between the two teams.

G2 is the second team to quality for Worlds from the LEC region. Rogue, the top seed in playoffs, instantly secured a spot entering playoffs due to Europe now getting four spots at Worlds. The 2020 Worlds Championship will be the organizations fifth Worlds appearance, all coming in that same time frame. The team last lost to Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix in the 2019 Worlds Finals.

The LEC returns tomorrow, August 23, as Rogue faces off against Fnatic in the final series of round one in the LEC 2020 Summer Playoffs.

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