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7 August 2020


We all know 2020 has really been huge when it comes to live streaming. If you’re a regular on Twitch, you probably have a favorite streamer. From those streaming your favorite game, sharing their gameplay, and those with some really original content, everyone can find something for themselves on Twitch. Wondering how big can you get on Twitch? Let’s just say some streamers are so big their numbers go well above some countries’ inhabitants. On this rapidly growing platform, the streamers earn millions,  especially those with the highest numbers of followers and subscribers. Here’s a breakdown of the 10 most popular Twitch streamers in July, ordered by hours watched

1. xQc – Félix Lengyel

This former pro Overwatch player carries a title of a gaming warlord. His Twitch streams are best known for their diversity. He does not focus on one game only like most Twitch streamers do – he will play any game. It seems as this streamer has very little time off, as he streams more than 10 hours a day. Thanks to that, he has an average of 40,000 viewers that remain with him no matter what he’s streaming. 

2. TheRealKnossi – Jens Knossalla

The German poker king is a close second behind xQc when it comes to the number of hours watched. Some would not expect a poker master on the top of this list, along with all those COD and Overwatch pros. He became this successful with years of streaming Poker, IRL, Casino and Blackjack. What he did in July that got him this position is a 72-hour long event called Angelcamp. A fishing camp featuring various German personalities in a wilderness adventure completely took over Twitch. He reached a peak in the number of watchers in July with 280,000 viewers at a certain point.

3. NICKMERCS – Nick Kolcheff

3. NICKMERCS - Nick Kolcheff
Screenshot via Twitch

With over 57,000 subscribers, Nickmers is the most subscribed streamer on the platform. He used to be one of the leading Fortnite streamers and even held two Fortnite world records at one point. With time, he had switched to Call of Duty: Warzone. His growth was continuous as he started the year with about 14,000 average viewers, and by July the number reached 43,000. His most popular streams are his MFAM Gauntler Warzone tournaments and his Warzone loadout. 

4. Asmongold – Zack 

When you think about World of Warcraft on Twitch, you probably instantly think about Asmongold. This popular US streamer has been streaming the game since 2011 and is regularly on the list of 10 most-watched games every month. In July, he had an average of 40,000 viewers that had an opportunity to watch 140 hours of online content. 

5. Gaules – Alexandre Borba

Brazil’s favorite streamer is everything but a one-trick pony. He streams everything from Valorant tournaments to his main, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. His popularity level is so high that he draws more viewers than the official tournament streams do. His success lies in Brazil’s esports potential with its rapidly growing scene. Counter-Strike is huge in Brazil, and Gaules streams the country’s top teams: Made in Brazil and Furia. How popular are they exactly? Well, a big match for one of the two gains Gaules up to 300,000 Twitch viewers. Considering that July was a month with no competitive games, and Gaules still managed to get to this position, he might hit the top position when the tournaments come back. 

6. AuronPlay – Raúl  Álvarez Genes 

AuronPlay is a Spanish vlogger that previously gained popularity on Instagram and Youtube, where he is followed by altogether by over 34M users. His video uploading career started on Youtube 10 years ago, and he has recently joined Twitch where he streams his in-game experiences. He plays Minecraft, Fortnite and his current focus is GTA V. Even though he doesn’t stream as much like others in terms of hours, he has a faithful audience with an average of 71,000 viewers. 

7. TimTheTatman – Timothy John Betar

7. TimTheTatman - Timothy John Betar
Image via Twitch

One of the leading FPS (first-person shooting) streamers in the game first started streaming in 2012 and to this day he has gained over 5.1 million followers. His numbers have been gradually increasing for years, doubling the number of average viewers in the past five years. He is a variety streamer, broadcasting everything from Counter-Strike, Fortnite, World of Warcraft to Call of Duty: Warzone. He owes his July success to Warzone, which became his main game at the moment. 

8. Tyler1 – Tyler Steinkamp

This League of Legends streamer first started streaming in 2014. However, not everything went smoothly in the early days. He was controversial and notorious for toxic play in the League and got banned from playing for almost two years. However, after he was unbanned, he reinvented himself as a reformed personality and now has one of the largest communities on Twitch. In July, he played nothing but League of Legends and streamed for more than 200 hours. 

9. Nobru – Bruno

Have you ever heard Free Fire? Coming from the U.S. or Europe, you probably haven’t. However, this mobile FPS game is one of the most popular games in Brazil and Nobru is an MVP of Free Fire tournaments. As a relatively new Twitch streamer, he already had a strong fanbase from his competitive days, with an average of 33,0000 viewers during July. He is no stranger to playing other games as well, so he can also be found playing GTA V. 

10. Summit1g – Jaryd Lazar

A veteran in streaming and a retiree from competitive Counter-Strike is one of the favorite Twitch streamers of all time. Even though he started out with streaming CS: GO, he can now be seen playing multiple games. He doesn’t need a signature game since his followers trust him with finding new and interesting titles among all the FPS games available. For instance, in July he mostly streamed role-playing in GTA V and another of his personal favorites – The Elder Scrolls Online. 

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