LEC 2020 Summer All-Pro Teams Revealed



19 August 2020


The MAD Lions are now the GLAD Lions after all being selected to an LEC All-Pro Team. Image via Riot Games.

The regular season in the LEC wrapped up a few weeks ago in exciting fashion. Riot has since released the list of five players that will be featured on the LEC 2020 Summer All-Pro teams. The full voting list can be found here.

The LEC All-Pro first team features a diverse amount of players, with Origen, MAD, G2, and Excel all featuring. In the team are Alphari, Shad0w, Caps, Patrik, and Kaiser.

It’s very rare that a team that finishes in last place will have a player featured on the top all-pro team, but Alphari is just that good. The English top-laner finished near the top in almost every statistic for top-laners in the LEC, impressive for a player stuck on a team that finished last.

The first player from MAD that also makes this team will be Shad0w. Shad0w had a terrific split, proving that he’s one of the best Lee Sins in Europe, and in the world for that matter. He finished the split in second place with MAD, as the team is set to face G2 this upcoming week in the LEC Playoffs.

MVP front-runner Caps carried G2 through thick and thin. Caps has been the best mid-laner in the league for awhile now. After an unsuccessful foray into the bottom lane as an AD carry, the Danish player has assumed his position as the best mid-laner in the west. Caps finished the split with the second highest KDA in the league for mid-laners, behind only Rogue’s Larssen.

Another player on a team that didn’t make playoffs features on this team with Patrik. This position is the most heavily debated, as AD carry is stacked in Europe right now. In stats alone, Patrik doesn’t jump out at you, but in-game Patrik was undoubtedly the brightest spot for an Excel roster that missed out on playoffs.

The final and second MAD Lions player is Kaiser. The German finished with 123 points and played a number of interesting picks, such as support Wukong. Kaiser is the best support in Europe, and makes a legitimate claim at being the best overall player in Europe right now with his exciting style of play and great statistics.

The second and third all-pro teams were also released, which feature a number of impressive players from various rosters.

LEC All-Pro Second Team

G2 Wunder

RGE Inspired

RGE Larssen

RGE Hans Sama

RGE Vander

LEC All-Pro Third Team

MAD Orome

S04 Gilius

MAD Humanoid

FNC Rekkles

G2 Mikyx

Nearly all of the LEC 2020 Summer All-Pro members will be playing in the 2020 LEC Summer Split Playoffs, with the exception of Alphari and Patrik. The first match is set to begin on August 21 with SK Gaming and Schalke 04 playing in the lower bracket.

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