League and CS:GO dominate “most impactful” PC games of Q2 2020



22 July 2020


It’s been a great year so far for League of Legends and CS:GO, even with the COVID-19 pandemic.

With practically all in-person tournaments being shifted to entirely online, tournaments and leagues had to think on their feet. Even with the vast changes to the Riot Games various leagues and Counter-Strike‘s many tournaments, the two games reign supreme according to The Esports Observer.

The Esports Observer released its “Most impactful PC games” for Q2 of 2020 with League and CS:GO leading the group.

League‘s contributing factor to being rated at first place would be it’s large player base as well as how many viewers watch the various leagues around the world. CS:GO‘s amount of tournaments hosted during the quarter as well as prize pools boosted it’s standing quite a bit.

The rating was weighted on things such as prize money, Esports hours watched, active players, and concurrent streams.

In third came Riot’s newest entry into the FPS genre, VALORANT. The game ranked above Fortnite, DOTA 2, and Rainbow Six: Siege. VALORANT‘s beta released in the first month of Q2, with the game being fully released shortly after. The game saw record-breaking viewership on Twitch in it’s initial release.

One notable game is Overwatch, being rated at tenth place with an 8.58 rating, just below PUBG. Blizzard Entertainment’s game has seen a steady drop in rating since the 2018 edition.

How the mighty have fallen. Screengrab via @Slasher on Twitter.

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