Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 5: Changes, Leaks and Warzone Updates

Call of Duty


9 July 2020


Even though Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare just rolled out at the beginning of June, Modern Warfare fans are already wondering about the future of their favorite FPS game. What we’ve learned so far is that COD isn’t about cosmetic changes, so we can expect some big changes and updates in Modern Warfare Season 5. For those playing Warzone Battle Royale, that also means a new season is on its way.

Release Date: When Does Modern Warfare Season 5 Start?

Assuming the overall global situation hasn’t impacted the usual COD release pattern, we can expect Modern Warfare: Season 5 to be live sometime after August 4th. We know that much since that is the scheduled date for Battle Pass for Season 4. However, it is impossible to know if it will happen the day after, or a few weeks later. 

Rumor has it that the new season will bring us some big updates in the form of new maps, new firearms, game modes, additional characters and whatnot. 

All of these potential changes will probably take up additional space, as it was with every season so far. The file size will probably increase to over 30 GB, so make sure to prepare your drive for the new update.

Weapon Selection Updates

Modern Warfare’s rich weapon selection, is probably about to get even richer. Your movement skills aren’t enough to deal tons of damage, so it’s important to find a weapon that suits your needs. Whether you’re a sniper or a light machine gun fan, don’t forget to stay updated on the latest weapon buffs and nerfs.

The latest mid-season update focused mainly on weapons and caused a shift in favorite picks. A lot of players’ favorites such as M4A1 and Grau 5.56 saw some nerfs, while Kar98k and RYTEC AMR are gaining traction due to recent updates.

When it comes to potential Season 5 weapon updates, some well-known Twitter leakers/data miners gave us a clue we can expect M200 Intervention sniper rifle along with a SPAS-12 shotgun in the new season. We remember both of these from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that first took place in 2009. Other than that, according to Modern Warzone, some newfound leaked game files also feature the R700 sniper rifle, previously seen in the original Modern Warfare. 

Warzone: Significant Verdansk Map Changes?

It is still unknown what kind of map changes is Season 5 bringing to the table. Ever since Season 3 brought bunkers to Verdansk, everyone thought Season 4 will be the major map changer. Consequently, as that didn’t happen, everyone is expecting the same from this season.

According to available claims, the game’s football stadium might get an addition in the form of open internal space. In this space, players would be able to take shelter, reorganize and get more loot.

Other than that, we can expect a train filled with loot that will circle the map. Both of these wouldn’t be major changes for Verdansk, but would definitely mean new strategy options for players. 

Weapons are not the only thing that might be borrowed from Modern Warfare 2, as it seems a favorite map is making a comeback as well. We are talking about the classic Invasion map. This theory comes from the fact that this location already exists in the live map, with Euphrates Bridge containing the shell of the Invasion map.

Source: Gfinity 

Another fan theory suggests Highrise map might return, but with no additional details. 

You may be wondering why are there always so many speculations about the possibilities of new map additions? Well, it’s no wonder given that a number of multiplayer maps exist in the game files for a while, but were not released by this date. 

What will most likely appear in the new season are new in-game items will along with experimental game modes. Furthermore, there will probably be a stronger focus on the storyline that originated from bunker introductions that is yet to be developed. 

Added Characters: New Operators 

New operators are a must for every new season as well. The same way Season 4 added beloved Captain Price in the mix, this time all the clues found in the game files are pointing out towards “a prisoner”.  

A YouTuber, TheGamingRevolution brought an Easter egg to light, a conversation between unknown parties. According to the description, fans believe it might be Frank Woods, a crossover character from Black Ops 2. 

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