New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Patch Makes OP Weapon Even Better

Call of Duty


12 August 2020


A new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone has just been released, and it comes with several important weapon tweaks. The update has rolled out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Infinity Ward has announced this patch is the first of two scheduled to happen down the road. They gave us notes on what exactly has changed, and here’s a breakdown of Modern Warfare patch notes.

Weapon Changes

When a weapon becomes a too common pick in the game – it inevitably comes under a magnifying glass. Generally, light machine guns have been all over the game recently. This Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Patch has brought changes for two obviously overpowered weapons: Bruen MK9 and FAL.

Not all of the changes were expected though, as one got expectedly weaker, while the other one even got an additional boost.

Bruen MK9

Bruen MK9
Image via Activision

Bruen MK9 has been one of the most popular long-range weapons in Warzone’s current meta, and for a good reason. This light machine gun is dominating the battlefield with its impressive long-range and precision. For this reason, MK9 just got a reduction on its damage range.  


Another dominant rifle in the game received a surprising upgrade. Best known for its fast fire and high damage, FAL got an increase in headshot damage. Besides that, it did receive a minor decrease in near damage but it is questionable if it will be enough to balance this overpowered weapon. Here are more details on this update:

  • Increase in headshot damage (2 hit at range with 1 headshot)
  • Reduction in near damage (limbs and lower torso always 3 shot)

Other Weapon Changes

Further weapon updates in this patch include two LMG rifles. M91 is getting a buff in near damage that will make it more useful for up-close fights. Other than that, it is getting an increase in ADS Speed to get some power in farther fights. as well.

The other weapon buff in the patch goes for Holger-26. This weapon has tons of potential with its lightweight and speed, but it simply wasn’t powerful enough until now. With the newest buff on its damage range and more ADS speed it might soon become the next serious threat.  

General Updates

When it comes to other general in-game updates, there were three issue fixes: 

  • Fix for an issue where explosive rounds on the Rytec AMR could still be equipped in CDL modes
  • Fix for an error players could receive when opening the weapon armory
  • Fix for an exploit in the Shooting Range trial

Second Modern Warfare Patch Predictions

With this update finalized and focused mainly on weapon updates, the second one is coming soon. According to their communications manager, in the next patch, Infinity Ward announces to fix graphical issues the players have been complaining about, the Play Again option and other bugs. 

Season 5 Updates: A Refresher 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 has kicked off on August 5 and it brought a number of updates: new weapons, new operators, four new maps and significant map changes. The Warzone map got some of the most interesting additions in the Season with the stadium space opening up and a loot training circling around the map. 

What is Next for Call of Duty?

Even though all of these novelties are not even cold yet, fans are always wondering what’s the next big thing coming to their favorite game. There have been a number of teases about a new Call of Duty 2020 title coming, and according to them, it will be named Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. We don’t know much more about the new game, but everything points it will happen very soon. 

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